Franz josef glacier country retreat hotel

Franz josef glacier country retreat hotel, Squint eye treatment in kolkata, Mosteller's seafood

Franz josef glacier country retreat hotel

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Squint eye treatment in kolkata

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Mosteller's seafood

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Aerococcus viridans uti treatment

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Amira nature foods class action

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Russian Caviar House Group of Companies represents the world’s most famous delicacy - Сaviar. Being a leader of Caviar business among the former Soviet Union countries, we devout our efforts to promote caviar culture all over the world. Our goal is to revive the international position of Russian Caviar. The quality of the products is approved by the international certificates and a great number of awords in many international competitions.  

Russian Caviar House Group of Companies is the only Russian Osetra Caviar export-supplier in the international market. Not only do we situate in Russia and Hong Kong, we also have other offices and sales points in the US, Canada, UAE, Ukraine and Singapore. In these markets our products are adored and worshipped by caviar lovers.

The secret of our caviar lies in the combination of the unique technologies of the former Soviet Union with the latest method of caviar production. Of course, the critical factor of caviar quality is sturgeon farming. Our sturgeon supplier — RTF Diana is the leader of commercial sturgeon farming in Russia. RTF Diana arranges and takes charge of all the sturgeon farming procedures — from artificial insemination to the production of caviar, in order to control all the variable factors. Its farm is located in a pristine forest area near the small Russian town Kaudy, which serves as an ideal living place for our sturgeons and helps significantly to maintain the quality of caviar production.

Our company team has been engaging in caviar production for more than 40 years and we adore and worship caviar as a religion. We implement modern technologies in our caviar production. Each of the procedure is under strict quality control and every tin of caviar is guaranteed to be packed in Russia before exportation. And each tin of caviar in our international companies is legally imported with all the necessary legal documents, which are guarantees of its superior quality.